The unspoken chapters…..

-By Nipanjana Saha Day by day I'm becoming numb. But I've words which are left unspoken in the waiting room of brain. it sucks when your head heats up with words but lips doesn't even murmur. you know ? I've tried a lot . I have tried to be positive around those negative people who …


Why Not……..

I am writing this article after my friend strongly protested the crime on the Facebook. What I think is , everyone must know about and raise their voices against this.  The news channels especially the regional ones are flooding with the terrible news of two male teachers in a school in Kolkata sexually assualted a …

Let mine be secret and unknown

My world is crowded, Everybody bustling busy Doing their chores, And running outdoors Life is always sleazy,  Feelings are numb, Stop and donot come, Leave me alone, Let mine be secrets and unknown.


If the pressure in life is crushing you down, think of crushed flower , they produce the best fragnance. Let the pressure in your life bring the best in you.